Monday, November 08, 2004


modes of seeing (john berger, 1974)**

marxists and socialists were lunatics basically, but were correct on their definitions of the capitalists. religion and football are the opium of the people, for instance. but we cannot go around prohibiting something, however mentally retarded it is. the morals of the capitalists, with their women lying in front of the painters, rich men posing in front of a poor painter and today's obviously exaggerated consumer culture is pretty retarded. but we can't go the socialist way prohibiting these things. what we can do is use it for ourselves, and that's where this book has its worth. the capitalists love to possess paintings, and that's a fact. so when they say it's their love of culture and stuff, laugh at them, but don't go around stealing their money for godsakes.

life to those shadows by noel burch . primitive cinema, before the Institutional Mode of Representation had kicked in, the workers still had control over the filmic process. and in one of those movies burch happened to see at brighton featured a gag about a vagabond stealing a rich baby's food.

the capitalist's way is hypocritical, but above all it's boring, stupid and puritanical. even today they still want to celebrate tradition when in tradition there is nothing to celebrate, nothing to be proud of. but, again, this isn't enough to go prohibiting it all.

that's the difference between moderation and this pointless leftism. the criticisms, all coherent in what they define, far too violent and unethical in what they propose, can be used for ourselves. if in the west we have obtained a minimal degree of freedom, aesthetic or ethical, it isn't thanks to the western traditions, but despite them. and despite these times too, when publicity takes far too many kids in the wrong direction. far from fucking us all up with taxes shit, this contempt for the media and for adverts and for football and churches and all that shit can and must be taught, crap-detecting must be maintained (teaching as a subversive art) but let's not go to far. this is an attitude thing, one of anarchy and contempt, but not of violence and destruction. let's not go toooooo far, like the guy in sognatori, says.


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