Sunday, November 07, 2004


esther (amos gitai, 1985) *** and a half. a mise en scene of brechtianism. very interesting but not a masterpiece; it's just too easy to do. still a pleasure to sit through.

yam daabo ** (idrissa quedraogo, 1986) the delicate touches from the director of characters sighing, for instance, or the mimesis of the rhythms of the farmers' lives compensates the time. confessions of a queen (victor sjöström, 1925) * worryingly bad piece of crap bout trivial monarchic abdications from sjöström. sure half the movie's disappeared some say, maybe it'd better if it were complete, but all i can say is thank goodness. the divine woman (victor sjöström) 1928 * a bit more promising than confessions of a queen, thou that aint difficult. again, loads of this pic has disappeared, but, again, that comes across as a relief.


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