Monday, November 08, 2004


life is sweet (mike leigh, 1990)**
same old stuff from leigh, about stretching the everyday more than other like, say, ideological ken loach. and its pissed off at thatcherism it seems, but has it the right. these parents, they chose to have kids at 17, a 'belief' she says, so they didn't go to university and expand and deserve like in any meritocracy. see, leigh is preachy because poor people don't have the right to have kids, and these parents deserve poverty. should have had an abortion and had kids at 33, rich and like all normal people. not that having kids isnt a retarded aim in life, and what differentiates the stupid socialist (the neo-liberals or marxists or commies or the neo-con fascists haven't a slightest chance of making it past absolute morons) from the intelligent archanist (see against love, a polemic). the aesthetics are much better than the average pic, thou.

un chant d'amour (jean genet, 1950)*****
o donoghue says it all.

soigne ta droit (jean luc godard, 1987)*****
love it, him, les rita mitsuoko and whatnot.

numero deux (godard)*****
if we go past the cry baby greedy antics of the usual movie-muncher, if we can abandon the pussyfooting bullshit of movies like cuisine, if we can abandon all the me me me morons, if we can abandon stupid names like 'cinephilia' (aaaaaaaaaaaas if all representational movies were worth collecting cooooome on) and release ourselves to a movie world subject to no law other than mathematical systems we will, only then, be able to appreciate numero deux in all its glorious splendor- and in this one it fits, unlike the lame one, to obvious and self-defeating, to present and already there, too insecure hence with the name in the title- in the grass.


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