Monday, November 08, 2004


Aretha sings the Blues (Aretha Franklin, 1980)*
brainless doll screams whatever. bet ya she never managed two coherent thoughts in her entire lifetime. apart from that, the blues, in their repetition and simplicity, have too often been a refuge for the useless in verse and the idea-less.

Aretha Live At Fillmore West (Aretha Franklin, 1971)*
again, history returns, aretha gets into a time machine and returns to the 70s. you'd wish it, but the sad truth is there prolly was a public there to see this 'dame' screach and clatter and splatter her way throu whatever.

Amazing Grace (Aretha Franklin, 1972)*
oh yuk, i'm here listening to this broad trying to ram up bible nonsense up mine arse. ''give yourself to jesus'' is a rather dodgy song, especially if you're a dame. i gave up on the fourth track, and i'm erasing this tripe from mine hard disc. farewell.


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