Tuesday, December 21, 2004

and what exactly was hal hartley smoking at the time?

kadosh- gitai does a bergman

la notte

weirdo sexy rare fit cinephile broad in ''goodbye dragon inn'' by tsai ming liang



and again


a joke from antonioni


''people disappear everyday'' says the column

and, yes, again

and yet again

and again

and again


the architecture is the star in ''the passenger''


''the pornographers'' imamura

and again


''what are you running away from?'' maria scheider to jack nicholson

''one from the heart'' coppola

what is nicholson doing to that wall, in ''the passenger''

the idiot from hartley's ''trust'', that, as one imdb commentator put it, gets sucked up into caring for a pointless pathetic suburban family

''werckmeister harmonies'' bela tarr


the solid, sheltering sky in bertolucci's oriental trilogy. odd film, i must say.

Monday, December 20, 2004

chantal akerman in the kitchen in ''saute ma ville''

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

will he miss his plane?

delpy sings us a waltz

hawke and delpy avoid sunset


somewhere over the rainbow in kaurismaki's ''ariel''

mann does melville in l.a.?

faith in tarkovsky's nostalghia

atom egoyan begins an excellent career in ''family viewing''

''dear phone'' by peter greenaway

emily bronte gets burnt in ''weekend''

pirates: evolutionary theory strikes again 2.

pirates: evolutionary theory strikes again

pirates: the aztec throne

pirates: matthau walks on water

pirates: pumaku gets ready to rape

pirates: desire slips away

dylan framed

lily tomlin and keith carradine in ''nashville''

''it dont worry me''

sarah polley and the pied piper in 'the sweet hereafter'