Sunday, March 20, 2005

prize for the sentence of the day

...and indeed a message for all those 'neo-liberals' and their mysterious predilection for, among other things, consumerism...

''Individualism is encouraged - be yourself, be a leader not a follower, do your own thing, be an original, blah blah blah - while conformity is shoved down our throats from the day we are born. Be popular, peer pressure, don't make a scene, behave yourself, be nice, fit in, keep up with the Joneses, get ahead, no "i" in "team", love thy neighbor, settle down, grow up, act right, be cool, follow trends, what's hot & what's not, celebrity worship, don't ask questions, respect authority, follow blindly, you're nothing if you don't eat this or wear that or worship here or live there or work at this or drive in that.''

quoted from what seems to be a damn fine reading list at amazon:


Blogger superman said...

Um - that was stupid. Remove it from your blog!!!

3:47 AM  

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