Thursday, March 17, 2005

second part of imdb review

the foreigner, amos poe

Harlow and others are out on a watch for him, and every now and then we see our fit detective show worry about the inevitable turn of events, the destiny that would beat anything by Racine.
we visit the united nations and the twin towers in anything but a postcard style view, from the sky and from below. weird and magnificient.
the detective is a broad named Harlow surely in homage to some noir character, though i cannot remember exactly which one.
the final sequence of the chase beats those of gone in 60 secs, or bullit, or potemkin or anything for that matter, in sheer greatness.
The running into some doll on the street, who asks him for a cigarette is perhaps one of the most beautiful moments ever in cinema.
let alone the woman who locks him in her apartment.
seeing Menace drunk in a pub beats anything by silly Scorcese. seeing him get beat up too.
the musical numbers are fascinating, indeed the movie elevates filmmaking to the heights of music, taking an improvisatory crazy nature that has usually been forbidden to film, stuck in silly identification as it is.
his death at the bay strikes one as tragic and memorably beautiful. the whole thing is an emblem of what cinema could have been, instead of the one-directional, one-dimensional, silly, plot-induced, conversation-pinned, causality-respecting, mimesis of the majority, pinned in by democracy, soulless, imprisonned classical mode it has become, returned. made in 1978, an apocalyptic year in many respects; star wars, for instance.
the final sequence of the chase beats anything by an eisenstein or a depalma, and leaves in ridicule anything by coppola in the stupid godfather trilogy.
Menace is chased by a mysterious car, that is. The chase is the best one in the history of the cinema. throu the streets of NY, it's not the car that sticks to Menace, but rather Menace who sticks to the car. a radical shattering of the silly traditional wolf/red riding hood scenario.
harlow and the punks are nowhere to be seen, and yet their entry in the end, too late to save him if that's what they wanted to do, is sheerly breathtaking.
the movie is 101 minutes long, and not 77 minutes long as it says here in imdb.
The final image, with Menace lying on the bars of an NY bay and the Statue of Liberty in the distance, and the boat floating into the camera, is riveting!


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