Saturday, November 05, 2005

fuck that

to celebrate i suddenly remembered my password, or typed it in more like it, i'll paste some chris rea lyrics and fuck intepallactical property rights cuz property be robbery. anyways, what a great album shamrock diaries be.

I was born and raised on steel riverI see it all like it was yesterdayThe ships and bridges they were all deliveredFrom Sydney harbour to the Cisco bayAnd I met my love down on steel riverWe served our dreams and spent our childhood daysIn rainy streets we'd kiss away the shiversAnd hide from fear inside the latest crazeDancing to MotownMaking love with Carole King record playingAnd oh how I loved youSay goodbye steel riverTen thousand bombers hit the steel riverAnd many died to keep her running freeAnd she survived but now she's gone foreverHer burning heart is just a memoryAnd I ran away from life on steel riverLuck or not I gladly took the breakThe odds were low the chances nearly zeroA chance it was I had to takeSay goodbye steel riverThey say that salmon swim in steel riverThey say it's good to see them back againI know it hurts to see what really happenedI know one salmon ain't no good to themThey were born and raised to serve their steel motherIt was they taught and all they ever knewAnd they believed that she would keep their childrenEven though not a single word was trueSay goodbye steel river


on paper they be much worse than in munchik, not the only lyrics to do so. dylan's look like toilet paper...


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