Monday, December 12, 2005

long live the opposite of oppositeness

one must always speak but undermine the speakability of speech simultaneously, one must destroy that which destroys, and then construct that which which constructs, in other words, one must destroy, im very fond of the opposites of opposites because they provide worthful heartbeats, thus mediocre idiots like agent smith or doberboots call nihilist anything that enjoys in this elevated heartbeat rate that i believe the opposites of opposites to be, the speech is best off when it unspeeches itself, thus at its best when it places its writing onto somewhere else as if it can't really be arsed, that is when it is at its best i must say, but when it advocates for a seriousness of speech of the great man author then it's back to fucking capitalist shithead notions of private intellectual property and thats like yuk no thank you, if one thus moves in the opposite of opposites direction, common sense my big brown scottish arse, one is writing worthwhile writing, thus therefore i can write a story that conisists of a story that consists of storyboard that consists of a scriptgirl a fit one not an uglyass shit one no a fit one and then finally the story consists of a story, which in and of itself consists of a sty which means it consists of a pig sty thus therefore we wind up winding along that and this until then we discover that yes actually in fact the story has a story which has a story too, which reminds me of the last time i visited mars and talked to venus venus was pissed off coz it'd been raped by pluto the planet not the dog the rape had consisted in pluto sending one of its protuberations to venus as a meteorite as revenge for venus having cooked him a very bad dinner the night before they broke up and the meteorite happened to hit the planet venus just when venus was shitting so in fact pluto actually arse raped venus which is pretty ungentlemanly at least more messy and less gentlemanly than actually raping her throu the proper end its stuff not even todd solondz could undertake anyway as i was saying the last time i saw a banana peel i did with it what it deserved it deserved what it got therefore i did with it what it got which is like two negatives that make a positive now technically the got comes before the did so the got is no longer subject to the did so it really doesnt depend on what i wanted to do to it but rather on what the got wanted the did to do to it in other words the got got the did to do something to the got, thus therefore from that we can deduce that the results always dominate the causes so all those lunatics 'philosophers' that have always advocated terrorist hypothesese like causality are wrong absolutely wrong.


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